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Gartner says loosen up on networks

This might be useful to those of you whose social computing at work is currently hampered! Business analysts Gartner have advised that IT departments give up trying to ban sites like Twitter and Facebook - partly because it is futile and partly because to not do so is useful! To quote Carol Rozwell a Gartner VP “While a job may be regarded as an economic transaction, the human brain thinks of the workplace as a social system," she said. Social networking can make employees "feel valued, a part of a community, and earn the respect of peers.”

Some of us have been banging on about this for years but if Gartner says it is true it must be!

Linkedin has 50 million business users

I have been in Linkedin for nearly six years and for many of those years I wondered if it was worthwhile. However something about it felt right and more businesslike than the other tools around. This has proved very much to be the case and Linkedin now have 50 million business users and is becoming more useful all the time. The addition of the Profile Organiser (available to premium accounts) may be worth the money for some of you.

Fast internet becomes a legal right in Finland

I did a workshop last week on the subject of Digital Britain to the Broadcast Training And Skills Regulator’s conference at BAFTA. I made the point that doing so much on my iPhone, and a lot of that using only 3G connectivity, I am less worried about the size of pipes incoming to my home. In fact it is a bigger outgoing pipe that I want these days to “broadcast” video and podcasts and back up all my machines to the cloud! 

However this is not to take better internet access for granted and it was interesting to see Finland make it a legal right to have access to broadband - a sign of how much these things have become an intrinsic part of our lives.

Productivity tip

If you are frustrated at the number of shopping sites that come up at the top of Google searches then you will like this. Click the “Show Options” link below the search panel at the top of a Google results page and then at the bottom of the column that appears on the left of your screen there is a “Fewer shopping sites” link to click. I only found this out recently but love it.

Recommended Reading

I am often asked how people can cope with the increasing volume of stuff that ends up on their plates each day and the answer is always “Have some sort of system”. Trying to react to the conflicting demands on your time without some helpful structure is almost impossible. Some can get far too obsessed with being organised - and in fact “Productivity Pr0n” is a well known phenomenon - but for me the best thing you can do is read David Allen’s classic Getting Things Done. I first read this in 2002 and have read it five times since!  In the book David lays out an effective methodology for getting on top, and staying on top, of whatever comes your way 

Best of this month's blog posts

I know some of you read my blog and subscribe to the posts there but for those of you who don’t I thought I would start including one of the best of the month's posts in each newsletter. I have put it at the bottom so those of you who have already read it can skip it!


Twitter's Suggested Users List (not)


It was a proud moment to be included in Robert Scoble's @scobleizer list of those that he is surprised are not included on Twitter's Suggested Users List. People like Leo Laporte, @leolaporte, Doc Searls @dsearls and Dave Winer @davewiner are not on the list as are lots and lots of others.

But does it really matter? Isn't being pleased to be on the "not on the SUL list" as vain as being on the list itself? When Stephen Fry joined Twitter and the numbers following him went through the roof someone commented that celebrity doesn't scale. My reaction was that the problem was with celebrity - not the scaling.

Does size matter? Does the number of people following you on Twitter, being on the SUL, or even having loads of people read your blog really matter? Isn't it better to have a small number of great friends than hundreds of acquaintances? 

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