Newsletter No. 7

Hello and welcome to my latest newsletter. 

Bit later than I meant it to be but I have been traveling again, this time to Geneva, to work with the ISO and IEC. Fascinating organisations focussed on establishing standards in all sorts of challenging fields of human endeavour!

As ever a few things have happened since the last newsletter that I thought might be of interest. Do please forward the newsletter to others if you think they will find the content useful.

Google Dashboard

For those of you with Google accounts you probably use all sorts of other Google tools as well. It is not always easy to remember which services you have signed up for and what you have done on which. Google now has an account dashboard which lets you see all of this information in one place and adjust settings as necessary. You can get access your dashboard by going to the Google Dashboard homepage and signing in with your main Google account details.

The State Of Enterprise 2.0 Adoption

The 2.0 Adoption Council have pulled together a really interesting report on the degree of adoption of enterprise tools across their membership. It covers all sorts of aspects of getting these new technologies adopted and gives a good high level view. You can get a free download from the 2.0 Adoption site 

Mergers and acquisitions

American knowledge management expert Jay Chatzkel recently interviewed me for his Beyond The Deal newsletter on the use of social media to help mergers and acquisitions be more successful. You can download a pdf of the interview from here.

My Posterous Blog

I recently decided to set up a Posterous Blog as a place to capture and comment on interesting links I come across. This makes it easier for people to piggy back on my ability to find the good stuff and helps keep my main blog for my own writing and thoughts. You can see my Posterous blog here and it also automatically sends new posts to Twitter and Facebook.

Productivity Tip

Many of you may already have discovered Twitter Lists but for those who haven't Twitter now allows users to set up lists of people they follow. This is useful as a way of organising your incoming tweets for yourself but lists are also proving an interesting way to discover new people to follow and to piggy back on other people's ability to find interesting feeds. You can see my own public lists here.

Recommended Reading

This month's recommendation is my current reading Organisation Theory, A Libertarian Perspective. It's a hefty tome but very readable and very thorough in its explanation and debunking of some of our deeply held assumptions about organisations. 

Best of this month's blog posts

As ever my favourite posts are the ones that attract the most interesting comments threads and this month The BBC, Enterprise 2.0 and management bollocks fitted the bill nicely! It is a longish post so I won't reproduce it here but I do encourage those of you who haven't read it yet to take a look and of course add your own comments.

Thanks again for reading and as ever let me know what you think of this newsletter and do pass it on to friends or people you think might enjoy it.