My Services

The impact of the web on organisational culture and effectiveness is becoming more apparent to more senior people and many of them seek help in deciding how to respond to the opportunities and challenges. Given my senior level experience at the BBC and subsequent work with executives from a wide range of companies I am uniquely placed to offer them support in the following ways: 


Senior Management Briefings: These can be done in groups of two or three and are a way of showing people the ropes of the social web in a way that they can get involved and ask questions. They afford senior executives an opportunity to gain familiarity with the social web, voice their concerns, and for me to gently start introducing them to its power and strategic impact.

Senior Management Workshops: These can be done on their own or following on from the briefings. I do an overview of where the social web is now, where it is heading, the impact this will have on organisations and the strategic challenges it represents. For many this is the first time they have had the chance to take the social web seriously. Doing so in the company of someone with senior management experience in an organisation as complex as the BBC helps.

Coaching Of Execs: Sometimes it can help to talk through the issues one to one, maybe as an executive blogger or the director of IT. I offer bespoke tutoring on the broad range of issues raised by the social web in organisational settings.

Speaking and Event Facilitation

In addition to the many keynotes I do around the world I am often asked to do the equivalent of my public keynotes for staff gatherings or away days to get people enthused, aware and fired up to become productive users of social tools. I also have many years experience of facilitating and chairing events both inside organisations and for the wider public.

Campaign Support

This would be where my other company Voice would be of great help working with your team to build expertise in online advocacy and community management. Additional services can be provided such as specific event management and reputation monitoring.


Technology: Although not something I claim particular expertise in I do know my way around most of the tools and a lot of the guys involved in developing them. Clients have access to my extensive network and introductions to the key figures in the industry.

Partnerships: There are many people I work with who may prove to be useful partners and I'd be more than happy to broker connections between clients and with third parties.

Coaching For You

One off events and courses can be supplemented by retaining my services as a coach throughout the year. With many clients I work on a retainer to support them as they manage the day to day of getting this stuff to happen and can attend team meetings, provide advocacy and help resolve issues with other parts of their organisations.


I love writing about the social web for business and occasionally get paid for doing so! I take on commissions so don't be afraid to ask.


If you want to know what clients have been kind enough to write about working with me you can take a look at my testimonials page.