An incredibly inspiring session that left Andrew and I thanking the gods for listening to you before making any leap. At last we are talking to someone that actually makes real sense. We will definitely be in touch again.
Kirsty Chisholm | BP International


He was absolutely wonderful – spikey, full of knowledge, inspirational, opinionated, witty. I think everyone left the room determined to go back and review their on-line activity, motivated to go try something different oh yes and we laughed a lot too!
Claire Martinson | Breckland Orchard

Euan is a one man digital upgrade solution for companies that really want to get their heads around all that is new in social computing - and the best bit is he works just as well with 3 of you or 300 of you.
Emma Howarth | Business Development Director Chime Communications plc


I found yesterday so stimulating – my brain was in a whirl when you left. I am totally fascinated by the whole subject and you were brilliant at making it as simple as possible.
Judi Stewart, Chief Executive, British Dyslexia Association


Euan is quite simply an inspirational speaker. His message, delivered in an unassuming manner and without any hint of jargon, packs a punch. When it hits you a world of possibilities for improving collaborative working and team communication opens up.
Tim Ball, Director of Production, Flashback Television, and member of PACT Skills Policy Group

Truly wonderful Scotsman. Charming, intelligent, gentle, insightful and one of the best minds in the world just to be around. Highly recommended over a coffee.
Thomas Power, Founder and CEO Ecademy 


Euan is one of the few people who makes the world of social networking and technology approaches to innovation, knowledge and community accessible to anyone. His deep personal knowledge, experience and connection within the worlds of blogs, wikis, networking, social knowledge and innovation would be daunting, if it wasn’t accompanied by a capacity to listen and engage people from where THEY are starting from, and challenge and support them as they experiment with these ways of working. I would strongly recommend Euan to anyone, or any company, seeking an expert who can help them develop their own approaches to “the world of “Web 2.0″ from a very human perspective.
Caryn Vanstone | Business Director/Consultant at Ashridge Consulting Ltd


The BBC’s Euan Semple has revolutionised the way staff here speak to one another internally… and no, we’ve not started talking in Esperanto…we’re blogging and using wiki’s to share ideas and work collaboratively.
Chris Vallance speaking on BBC Radio Five Live’s "Pods and Blogs".


Euan is one of the first, best and brightest minds on board the cluetrain. What’s more, he gives as many clues as he gets. I don’t know anybody with more clarity or foresight about What’s Going On in the networked world.
Doc Searls: Author The Cluetrain Manifesto


We simply could not have had a more expert speaker or clear communicator to guide us through a subject which you have very much made your own, and the feedback from our delegates has been excellent.
David Senior, Director of Development, Action Planning UK


I was at the E-learning event yesterday and I found your talk very inspiring. Sometimes when I am out of the office, I feel as if I am wasting valuable time but not yesterday, so thanks for that.
Morag Robertson, University Of West Scotland

Euan is one of the most expansive thinkers in the KM and communications spaces. Rather than think within the status quo, Euan is always three steps ahead of the pack, setting the trends and agenda that the others will eventually follow. His use of emerging technologies in new ways helps people to achieve both business success and competitive advantage.
Alan Scott: Chief Marketing Officer, Factiva


I have heard Euan speak on a number of occasions. Each time I sought him out afterwards and brought that discussion back to my office. The world of “knowledge management” has become the latest “ism” with all of the attendant baggage. Euan has managed to slice through the noise to capture and foster the driving elements of interactive communications. The last time we met I brought him back with me to speak directly with many in my organization. The kindling has been lit and I already see a number of small fires; this is how I think it should be. I hope my competition does not do the same.
Stephen Collesano, Ph.D., Vice President, American International Group


Arguably the best speaker at the entire event was an independent advisor called Euan Semple, who previously held a very senior position at the BBC. Since going ‘on his own’ he has been voted ‘Information Professional of the Year (2005)’ and worked for scores of clients up and including the World Health Organisation. It was a rare pleasure to hear him speak, because he avoids any risk of ‘geekiness’ and is able to put the technologies into adult, business language.
David Sumner-Smith Telegraph Business Club


There’s a little thrill one gets when finding the perfect conker on the pavement, or a laundered tenner in a jeans pocket: it.s an innocent pleasure that makes you go .Oooh!. to yourself, quietly. Listening to Mr Semple does this too. He takes his subject in one hand, you, the audience, in the other, and flings you around in a barn dance of possibilities.
Robbie Frazer Managing Director Prenax UK


I have known Euan for about three years now. I have always found him to be passionate and knowledgeable about improving the way organisations and people work together for highly positive outcomes. In addition, Euan's personable manner and genuine helpfulness are particularly commendable qualities. I recommend him highly.
Brad Hinton, Knowledge Manager, Thematic Knowledge Services at AusAID 

The single LEAST annoying thing about the internet.