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This is my personal blog which I began in February 2001. I called it The Obvious? when I wrote anonymously and chose the name to reflect the fact I have to overcome my inhibitions about stating the obvious!

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The real blogging revolution

Another quote from Simon Parke which sums up for me the real power of social media:

.... after most revolutions, only one more thing is required: a further revolution. There is no system of government that can improve the lot of unexamined lives. Unexamined lives are asleep to all things. Such lives frequently know what they do not want, but do not know what they do want. So they may cry with passion and power, 'Reform the system!' But they can never improve the system.


Revolutions can execute the king. But they cannot execute transformation. So we are not concerned here with political revolutions. Rather, we are concerned with the more significant revolution of self-observation. Once we have recognised and greeted manipulation, fear, control and judgement, we can begin to say goodbye to them.

from The Journey Home

Reader Comments (2)

Euan, I am always amazed to read a Brit coming out with these kinds of posts. Is it difficult for you? Self-examination seems to run counter to the cultural norm (as I perceived it during my time in Britain).r

March 31, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJackie D

Not sure I understand Jackie. Neither this post nor the last one, which you also commented on, seem to be at odds with much of what I have blogged about for years.

March 31, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterEuan

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