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Land Rover Experience

I spent a wonderful day today at Land Rover's headquarters in Solihull. 

As an introduction to The Land Rover Experience we were shown around the production line in the morning and just marvelled at technology, the complexity, the amazing processes, and the sheer vigour of it all. We were then driven around an extremely challenging test track showing the car doing things that no car should really be able to do, especially not one so often used for picking up the kids from school in Kensington.

I almost never write about clients or my time with them, it just makes life easier, but I am making an exception in this case because rarely have I been so enthused about something that I otherwise have little or no interest in. Don't get me wrong I am no car nerd, but I love knowledgeable passionate people doing something with energy and commitment. 

Needless to say I had fun in the afternoon conveying to them the opportunity that I believe the social web offers them to share their infectious passion more widely with others.

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